Raft Building

A great, fun exercise in team work! The challenge of building a raft is all about working together as a team, an invaluable lesson for children, helping them realise that working together for a common goal is both a challenge and very rewarding, and boosting their self confidence and confidence in others. Likewise, on a corporate day out this will help you and your colleagues, co-workers, employees and employers work together as a team with a common goal, building good relationships to take back the work place and instilling a team mentality. The challenge is not only to build the raft, but to paddle it too, again working together to cooperate and coordinate moving in the same direction. And, just for added fun, there’s some tasks and games thrown in too! All the makings for a fun filled action packed day out, with a valuable core message to take away too.

All equipment is supplied, including wetsuits, buoyancy aid & helmet. Please bring towel, swim suit  and pair of water shoes.P1030847